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I live in Nashville and sail on inland lakes. Winds of 5-10kts are common. I currently sail a Bic 293 OD (200L) or in decent wind my JP xcite ride 130L. I am considering a formula board (starboard 162) to increase my early planning. I weigh 75 kg (165 lbs). Any thoughts on this?
I would partially disagree with most of responses so far, for free-riding (not racing) you can start
planning with 10m2-11m2 sail in >=6 knots, around 10 knots you should be flying with right technique, etc... read below:
you're light, so that works in your favor, hopefully on the taller side.
you have to enjoy aggressive sailing style, don't shy away
from pumping and get good at it. Larger, softer, wider fin will help, so is the latest in race sails,
North Warp 2010 shows exceptional early planning potential, I think NP is also very good.
Of course, adjustable outhaul, formula carbon boom and 100% carbon correct mast for the sail

Anyone who think I'm wrong is welcome to come down to Miami and see bunch of us formula rec. users
enjoy 6-10 kn breezes on weekly bases...
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