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Default Switching from 125 to 115 board, the same model - complicated decision

Hi Roger and all,

Long time no speak, as they say. ;-)
Let me copy my rec.windsurfing question here, perhaps somebody can help (even though the board in question is not Starboard).

I'm looking into switching to a smaller board to learn more and handle
chop/harsher conditions better.
I'm thinking about changing from 125/69cm Tabou Rocket to 115/64cm
(same model, perhaps lighter version).

The larger sail I want to use is 7.5 (my weight 85-90kg, I sail lakes/
bays/choppy water).
Currently my Rocket 125 gets me on plane with 7.5 in the marginal
conditions, I'm wondering how 115 will be different in that (I'm sure
it needs more wind than 125, the question is how much more or maybe
it'll only stop in the wind holes more often than 125).

Another question is the fin setup: right now I use 46cm with 7.5 and
37cm with 6.4 and 5.2 (too big, I know, but I rarely sail in 5.2
115 comes with 37/38cm fin and can also handle 7.5 - so should I use
this fin as maximum or my previous 46cm?


P.S. This is my 5th year windsurfing, feels like it was yesterday when I was asking my first questions here.
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