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"I bought a Pan Am 27 years ago so the 10 year argument is more like 27 years".

That was a very different Pan Am, as I'm sure you know. In most conditions the Pan Am that won the worlds would, of course, eat the 27 year old Pan Am alive.

In BIG breeze or upwind in very light wind the old Pan Am may have a chance. I own one of Robby's 1982 prototypes that lead to the first Pan Am; I haven't used it for years but may bring it out in a couple of months for some speed testing against my Equipe II.

Ken, I don't think people can actually make a longboard much lighter and at a practical, economical weight. Okay, they weigh 18kg. A kilo or more would be in the centreboard case and rubbers, one kilo or more in the extra straps, a kilo or two in the mast track, a couple of kilos would go in the fact that the Raceboard is much longer and the simple basic geometry means it weighs more for its volume.

Inherently, it's not going to be super light. And given that a couple of kilos only makes a tiny difference in performance, maybe it's worthwhile making gear more durable and cheaper.
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