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Hi Roger, always there, huh? ;-)
Thanks for a quick reply as always.

Regarding my question - I want to sell 125 and get 115 if that wasn't clear.
And bouncing in the chop in 7.5/46cm weather is not a problem, but it starts to be a problem with 6.4/37cm, especially when I'm on the bay with larger chop/some swells (I need to carry on and stay concentrated on choosing my way over the chops all the time). I still remember your advice to set my mastfoot back in the chop and it helps, but the size of the board is something I obviously cannot tune down without getting a new board.

I know eventually I'll need more than 1 board, but for now I prefer to stick to a single one. First reason is budget, second is that knowing myself I'll be bringing my 2 boards everywhere (because "perhaps there will be some wind for a smaller board") which is a hassle I don't like (I worked my sails quiver to a nice, very manageable setup of 3 sails, 2 masts and 1 boom, everything in high carbon).
As for the size difference, I learned to make smaller steps (remember when I switched from 148 ftype to 111 carve and it was too much for me at the time?). I feel I'm not ready for a ~100 ltr board yet.

125 is great but it feels too big sometimes or not too challenging when the water is flat. I know I can handle it even in large chop, but I want to ride more effortlessly. The only thing I'm afraid with 115 is how much early planing I will sacrifice. I need to get my fix almost every week and usually that means local lakes and marginal 7.5 weather.

Another thing is that I don't really know which way my windsurfing career will go. I'm definitely not into straight-line speeding on a slalom/race gear, on the other hand I don't see too many chances to progress into serious wave sailing. I feel it would be great to learn jibing in various conditions really well (I don't exit my jibes planing :-( which tells me I should just stick to whatever board I have and master my jibes first), learn some jumping and see where can I go from there.


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