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Roly Gardner
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Default Starboard Carve 145 Set Up (noob)

Hi There,
I have just bought a carve 145 and am really looking forward to getting out on the water! Unfortunately I am very noobish! I weigh approx 12 stone and sail off the coast near Eastbourne. I have been learning to sail this year on a Hi Fly 175 ltr board with a 5.8 m2 sail.I can tack and jibe, but cannot beach or water start. Here are my queries and would be very grateful for some advice.

1-What difference does the size off fin make and how do I choose an appropriate one?
2-What size/type/make of sails do you think I need to get me going?
3-If I bought a 50/75% 460 carbon mast can I rig all size sails or do I need a smaler one for smaller sails?
4-Is there any difference in UJs or will any do the trick?
5-Can I rig a smaller sail on a larger boom or do I need several different sizes?
6-How do I know where to place the UJ ie front or back of the slot and what difference does this make?

Many Thanks for your advice.
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