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The Equipe II XR was made exclusively for open class course racing and was one of the best boards available. As the development of the "course slalom" boards increased (pre-formula boards), the Equipe fell out of favor since the course slalom boards were much faster downwind (we are talking planing conditions). The Equipes were still better upwind, but as the formula boards came out, the longboards were made obsolete since they now had wind minimums to accommodate the formula boards and the longboards couldn't keep up upwind or downwind.

I hope you do not think I am picking only on the Phantom. I think the race board concept is a great idea, and meets the needs of many sailors. It is a great idea to have one board that can race regardless of the wind conditions. If there was enough racing in my area to justify buying one, I would likely have one to race either in a raceboad or open class.

However, with only 3-5 regattas a year, it doesn't make sense for me. In the last two years (8 regattas), we had winds to 25 knots in 6 of them. Mostly formula and slalom racers participating. When freeriding, I would rather be on a formula or slalom board if there is more than 8 knots. Under 8 knots, I play golf.

I wonder why so much volume is needed with 70cm wide boards, especially the Phantom 380? I guess it is just a by product of the extra length.

In what conditions does each board excel? Why does one choose a 320 over the 380 or 380 over the 320?
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