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When you say winds 14-22 kts do you mean lulls at 14 and gusts at 22 or averages at 14 to averages at 22 kts?

At 77 kilos I’m not too far off your weight and I wouldn’t want to be on a 110+ liter board with a wind average of 20 kts much less 22 and definitely not with a 6.8 unless racing.

So, if 14 to 22 knt averages I don’t think either board would work with 6.8/7.5 rigs. If talking about lulls at 14 & gusts at 22 the Kode will be fast enough to catch air, especially with .5 to 1.5 meter waves. The Futura will not be much fun with the waves over 1 meter. The Futura can be sailed in waves, but that is really Kode territory.

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