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Hi Duracell. Water state will make a difference here. I sail a Kode 112 in quite lumpy conditions. I use a 6.4 and 7.4 on it (mostly the bigger rig). I have had lots of freeride and slalom boards and found them to fast to enjoy in the swell. They don't jump anywhere near as well as the Kode and don't turn on the bay waves as well ( especially the bottom turn at speed) . I'm 90kgs and can get this boards going in 13 kts using the swell to take off. I also use an aftermarket fin as the stock one didn't work for me. The Kode is definately the pick to jump and have control. If you have relatively flat water with waves then the Futura might be okay. I have tried other brand boards in these conditions and the Kode 112 wins hands down over the rest. It is the only Starboard I have left in a fleet of seven boards. I won't be changinging it.

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