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Hi Morten,
What year is your board?
If 2008 then you have the shorter 6mm x 28 mm FS screws.
Check with your local Starboard shop and see if you can find some
of the new 7 mm x 32 mm FS screws.
That ought to fix it permanently.
If 2009 or 2010, then you may already have used the larger diameter and
longer screws.
If not, try the Perma Tex Thread Restoration kit recommended in the repair section.
Some folks think this does not work, but it has restored many footstrap and vent plug threads
for me.
You must get all the water, salt, etc. out of the plastic insert to really get the thread
restoration epoxy to set up and grip well.
Probably use a Q-Tip Swap with some acetone or nail polish remover on it to
really clean out the old threads.
Hope this helps,

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