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Originally Posted by sergio k View Post
'Much' is a relative term, I think I131 in wood carbon with a proper fin would be an ultimate light wind
machine for 8.5 sail, I121 would still work well comparing to hypersonic, cleaner bottom with sharper rail
will create better release to plain yearly. That deep double in hypersonic made it sticky to be an early plainer...
Sergio K,
Please clarify here for everybody if you have ever:
- SEEN the boards you offered advice on,
- TOUCHED the boards you offered advice on
- SAILED the boards you offered advice on (if you sailed them, please indicate which boards you sailed, what level sailor you are, and how much sailing time you had on those exact boards).
My impression is that you are making up answers based on word of mouth , reading , etc but have not sailed for a single minute an iSonic I131 , or Lorch .Let alone know what fin works best with these boards .

So let's keep it real.
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