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You will likely get some additional opinions here, but I have a few things to think about. I haven't sailed any of these, but you may want to consider the following.

First I would eliminate the Bic 160. I think the 293 will be better at what you want.

1. Longer length boards cruse better in lights winds - Bic 293
2. Have soft decks - Rio and Viper
3. Lightest board - Bic
4. Fully retractable dagger boards and foot friendly - Bic and Rio (not sure about the Viper)
5. Best top end - probably the Bic? Guess based on weight, but it's also the largest board.
6. Most volume - Bic 293

All of the boards can handle larger sails than an 8.5. You will get more planing with a 9-10m sail.

As for planing, wide does plane earlier all else being equal, but you also have to consider the weight, stiffness, water release (rail sharpness) & volume differences between the Go and Equipes. Which Equipe? They all have a lot more volume than the Go and probably sharper rails.

I hope this helps a little. Don't make a decision based only upon what I have said, wait for more input.
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