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Thanks for clarifying it!
I just had a chance to do a little experiment with my friend's iSonic133 and my Hypersonic 125 with my 6.5 & 8.5 Ezzy Freeride in 10 - 17 mph (Ave.13mph) flat water condition. Here's my two cents!

For my 120lbs.body, iS133 accerelated balistically after a couple of pumps and it seems to want to go as fast as I can push it. It is definitely a great board for even lighter winds, which is the norm around here. Although I felt I could get by with iS121 quite fine with little more pumps, since I like narrower boards in general. As for my Hypersonic 125, it was not as early planing and the accerelation was not as balistic as iS133, but it felt more nimble under my feet and more fun to jibe. When I used a chop caused by boats to unstick the board with a big pump, it came extremely alive and acceralated into plane like a bullet and surprised me too. Is it possible that the big double concave of this board make it possible to unstick itself more efficiently than a flat bottomed boards when used correctly at the right moment as it hit the chop?

As for the sails, 6.5 and 8.5 was both quite effective for these boards at a given time, however 8.5 was clearly the optimum of the two I have tested at the time.
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