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I have owned and raced several hybrids. Z-class, RSX, Bic Hybrid OD, Phantom 320.

They are all designed for racing performance and are not cheap if buying new. They are also much more fragile than fun boards and the decks more rough.

If your priority is more subplaning Performance then the best of these is the Phantom 320. It is the longest and narowest. so its closest to the Raceboard. If youre priority is more for the inexperienced friends then the wider bic gives more stability but significantly slower in subplaning. The RSX will be too expensive if price is an issue and is also more tuned for planing than subplaning.

These boards are more fragile than the funboards but not too hard to repair. If you want the performance and don't mind doing the odd repair and riding apatched up board, they are a good option. It can be useful to have shorter tail fin for learners to be able to sail in shalower water and turn more easily.

None of the Rio type funboards will be able to keep up with an equipe so if that is a priority, then the phantom 320 is the only choice.

I haven't sailed the techno 293 but based on observation, it would only be worth considering if you intend to do youth class racing. The centre board is very small compared with all the other hybrids.
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