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Default Flare or Kombat '06?

I have the opportunity to buy either a used Kombat 96 in excellent condition, or a new Flare 104, both at a good price.
The freeride/wave crossover abilities of the Kombat have always appealed to me, I'm not sure however about it's early planing and top speed in 4 strap mode.
The Flare is also tempting as it's supposed to be fast, early planing and is the best looking board *board ever made.
Both boards are D-Ram.

So, between the two, which is best at:

1) Early planning
2) Popping (flatwater)
3) Jumping of a ramp
4) Response in footsteering, gybing, carving, backside waveriding
5) Acceleration
6) Upwind with a 23-25cm fin
7) Top speed
8) Non-planning freestyle

About me: I'm 70-75kg (season depending), bump & jump sailing mostly, good gyber, love jumping, crap @ duck jibes, have attempted my first spin loops & backloops (ouch!) , just learned body drags. I'm kinda getting bored sailing in straight lines so would like to try basic fs stuff like vulcans, upwind 360s, but i don't really know if I'll be able to commit.
About 60% of my sailing is in a flatwater bay powered by thermal wind (sails 5.2-6.5), and the rest in mediterranean coastal conditions (1-2,5m waves, sails 3.7-6.5).

I know I ask too much, so the board has to be quite versatile. I also own a 75lt classic style waveboard for 5.2 or smaller.
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