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Hi All, I feel that Ive gone backward since my intensive intro to windsurfing last year however things are beginning to slot in once again...

Firstly a big thank you to Roger on advising a Rio M...I'm 90Kgs and its spot on....The board looks 'uge and weighs a ton so this is my real drive to improve at the moment

I purchased a 6.7M Neil Pryde Tempo to aid practise with harness / planing.( the temp was the only sail to fit on a 430 mast and my boom - fantastic)

So recently the wind has been kind and given me an oppo to "speed test".......

Yes I have had this fabulous experience, hooked into the harness and flying but totally out of control and thinking "this is going to hurt". My experience was that I wrested with sail but once planing and in harness the sail seemed to become very light.

What I cannot figure out was that even with mast set in forward position, the board was lifting so high out of the water that is was highly unstable...I'm not using footstraps and the dagger board was in down position.

Today I have fitted drake straps in the intermediate position. I'm a size 10 and the straps seem real tight with just my toes poking thro straps. I'm hoping they will loosen up a little.

Ive also got the option of a 56cm drake deep tuttle race fin...would this help??

I can really see the benifit of a dagger board for upwind performance and having an EVA deck as the board has had a few wipeouts recently...

All in all I'm having great fun even tho it may not be glamorous to watch I bet it amused a few!

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