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[QUOTE=sergio k;42770]deeper double concave should make ride smoother, Futura is an easier less technical ride than Isonic,
don't need me to tell you that, that's in star-board board description,
basically, more shape, softer rails, etc.. softer, easier ride, on the downside, response, early planning and speed sacrificed if you're more advance, aggressive windsurfer. As for surf-ability of double concave vs. flatter shapes, not sure... I would think if that was the case surfboards would utilize it heavily.[/QUOTE
] Thanks again for your comments. Yes, I am aware of that Futura being a less technical ride compared to iSonic, however I have also read that in smaller sizes, there were very close to isonic performance, so my musing came about the use of double concaves. I will test that one of these days, if I get an opportunity. Thanks!
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