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Roly Gardner
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Default RE: Starboard Carve 145 Set Up (noob)


Many thanks for your comprehensive response! Really helpful and answered a lot of long standing questions that I have had.

By way of confirmation, Eastbourne is indeed in England , on the south coast. I sail in the sea. The coast here has a steep drop off so there are no issues with seaweed or sandbanks etc.

There are several additional queries that arise from your repies. Hope I am not boring you with these beginner type issues, but I am really keen to get to grips with the fundamentals so that I can progress!

1-Can you explain the concept of " Freeride " please.

2-Are there specific types of sail I should avoid or try to buy?

3-Have you any recommendations on make of sails or is this personal preference? I have been using a Tushingham sail to learn with.

Thank you for your continued help.

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