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Thank you Roger... so to conclude is it worth me investing in the bigger fin OR putting the $$$ towards a second board that I will purchase in winter (my daughter aged 8Yrs will learn on the rio next year hence the desire to progress and probably I will get more time on the water).

The NP Tempo is really being raved about here in Europe and it was recently reviewed in France by critics who actually prefered the Tempo to the Hellcat!! Would the 7.7M Tempo be sufficent OR would I be better off going for the 8.5 Helium.

Regarding "space on the board" or lack of, I think this is due to low winds when I'm holding the sail in a vertical position and using my strength to support as opposed to wind counterbalancing. I have a 430/ 45% carbon mast with a 5.5M tushingham sail and the difference in physical strength required to support my 6.7M sail is large indeed - again I'm talking low wind 10 knots say...

In terms of Footstraps, I'll have a play!

I guess its a case of more overtime to earn the money for new toys.....And I thought this game was a low cost bang for buck (compared to motocross it is!!)

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