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Hi, Im glad to see the new fin set up for the 2011 Quads. I have a 2010 Quad 81L. There are some really good characteristics the board that I like a lot, like the speed it generates on the wave and the control it has even though it has over 0,5 m of fin in total. The downside is the looseness and that its some times refuses to turn when pushed hard and isnt very willing to do fast snappy turns around the back foot. I still need to try smaller fins, 13 cm, in front and see if it helps. Do you got a solution how to get the larger fins back on the board like in the 2011 models on the 2010 Quad, or do you think this could work on the 2010 model? I guess 13 cm back and 11-12 cm in front could be interesting, but are there available 13 cm back fins and are the boxes strong enough?

Im planning on getting a smaller Quad (have now a smaller Kode) to company the Quad 81L 2010, but the 74 L 2011 is almost as wide as the 2010 81L. Im 80 kg and 180 cm and sail mostly in Denmark and already the 81L feels to my taste pretty big, and I prefer not to use it with smaller sail than 4,7m2. 57 cm sounds quite wide for a 74 liter board, is there a reason why the smaller quads are so wide? What is the width of the 2011 69L Quad? I wouldn't like to get a board to close to the 81L I have so I guess I would need to get the 69L...

Thanks in advance for your answer!
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