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Thanks for a quick reply!

OK I need to try the 13 cm on the Q81, and report back here how it works.

Regarding the shape of the new Q74, I had a bit the same thoughts about the new shape as you wrote. It would be great to try the 74L before deciding what to get... I have the Kode 80L that is 56cm wide and its much better full powered on 4.0 than the Q81L. Its superb for jumping but still miss that drive on the wave that I get from the Quad. Just looking at the pics the new 2011 Quad the shape looks more Kode like than the 2010, if you know what I mean. So perhaps it would be small enough...?

I had the EVO 75L but newer really liked that board. It was so wide in the tail that it didnt really feel comfortable in choppy conditions. On the wave (if the wave was smooth) it was really nice.
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