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Default Evo IQ Volume and Sailsizes

in Western Australia I've enjoyed to ride Starboard rental boards. It was a 2010 Quad 76 and a 2006 Evo 75. The Evo was much better for me, propably because I am used to ride more conventional shaped boards. At home a have a Fanatic Newwave 75 2009, 238x54,5, quite thin rail shape, dome deck. It could be a bit bigger, because it feels a bit sticky with 5,3 sails. I am thinking about a 2011 Evo, which is VERY wide and short. Normally I use 75l boards, but because to the width, will the Evo 76l suit better or the 71l?
I am around 70kg and want to use mainly 5,3 and 4,7, seldom 4,0.
Unfortunately the conditions are normally not too wavy (Baltic Sea, Southern North Sea), but sometimes I am at spots like in Klitmöller in Danmark or very seldom Cape Town. So - mostly small, slow waves, sometimes bigger.

The 71l Evo is desiged from 3.0 to 5.0, the 76 from 3,5-5.5 according to the website. It would mean, that I have to use 76l in order to use a 5,3 sail.

What do you think? 71 or 76?

Thank you,
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