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After nearly 3 decades of shortboard focus/ fetihism, it has been a revelation to windsurf an 11'6 Naish SUP with an 8,5m2 Simmer 3XC on 2-6 knots of wind! Everyone else was struggling while I was pseudo-planning alongside with the 30cm waves! What a great toy to get to know yourself on a board without straps (I've even started to consider the ATOM - another marketing ploy?).

I also got to appreciate the gliding, zen-like workout on a no-wind day or flat water spot, exploring the underwater landscapes (and dangers?) of the bays I am passing by with such speed on a slalom board; It's certainly more fun that Kayaking and more in line with our temperament as windsurfers. Then comes the waves; even on small choppy, messy conditions getting on an SUP - paddling back and forth is a great exercise and experience. Then comes the bigger wave days, where I have had some great rides. It's a great learning plantform for Surfing as I've never had a chance or lived in a place with consistent swells. Getting the feeling of the board and moving around actually improves my windsurfing skills - as Peter Hart wrote recently SUP and WindSUP'ing "help you become more nimble"!.

In summary, I feel that beyond the marketing hype, SUP is here to stay, and I appreciate a LOT that more people are out in the water as the skill-threshold is so low my 10Y old learned it in 5 mins, while I also got my better half out there to try it out (and she liked it!). The feedback from most windsurfers is so exhilarating that I think we will use SUPs more for improving our Surfing & Windsurfing skills than ever...
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