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Put the board out in the sun with the vent plug closed and put a small amount of bubble soap on the crack and see if it bubbles. If you have bubbles then you have a crack thru the wood and the layer of core material I would then carfully push on the area and see if it's soft at all. If it's rigid and no bubbles then just fill the void with epoxy. Ding All makes a nice little Clear epoxy surfboard repair kit just for such repairs it's uv resistant also. You can get the kit at most surf board shops or on line. I wouldn't use Marine Tex It will stand out like a sore thumb! I would probably repair it either way by sanding a small circle around the area Just to rought up the clear paint and nonskid then mix a small amout of the clear epoxy and brush it on with an acid brush until the epoxy is level with the deck. Good luck. Mike
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