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How come all folk who enjoy SUP (ing) are Stoked or ripping ???? Think it backs up original post which is absolutely true !!!

Other thing I`ve noticed is that this "wide board revolution" has not increased our time on water !!!
Looking at sailors at centre I`ve just visited its just allowed them to increase their waist lines !!!

Sailors aren`t just ripping and getting stoked they are getting fatter and older !

"I can have another bun I`ll just get a wider board"

Ripping on SUP, that's a bit of an overstatement, you can't compare blasting fully powered on windsurfer to a slow pace of paddling on SUP... As for the getting fatter, has more to do with aging windsurfer's population, plus, you have to be on the water sailing to get an exercise, just because you bought a wider board and it's collecting dust in your garage doesn't count as a work out...
Everyone I know who windsurfs regularly is in a great shape. Wider boards made sport a lot
more accessible, easier to learn, and extended planning range, but you have to step it up into
bigger sails for the later. If you want to get in shape, you cannot complain that bigger sails are
too physical, that the whole point of it ... I'm an adrenaline junky, so the only way I'd consider SUP
if I'm not physically able to windsurf... On the other hand, SUP is super accessible sport,
and I do appreciate people enjoying water sport that not noisy or polluting(jet ski) or takes half a beach
with kevlar lines spread all over(kiting).
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