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Question Rio or Go, and what size???

I am a beginner who gets to windsurf a couple of times a year, always with a different board and rig. So to progress I need to buy my own gear which I now have time to justify.

I live on the shoreline of a large lake in Finland. It is a low wind environment so I will be mostly sailing in 6 to 9 m/s winds with flat water.

I am a sporty kind of bloke with good balance and expect to progress fast (famous last words). With that in mind I have been advised to get a Go and not a Rio as I "will regret getting the Rio after a month". I weigh 83kg.

So if I had to buy my rig today I would get a Go 144 with a 7sqm sail, adding different sails once I work out what I am doing. Am I on the right track or very misinformed? I would appreciate some advice from people who have been through this experience or anyone who knows more about this kind of stuff.

Many thanks,
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