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Hi Ola_H,

Thank you for the quick answer. It seems like the new Evo will feel slightly bigger than the old ones because they are a lot wider. Is it right? I used the 06 Evo with powered-up 4,2 and it was OK...

We have mainly Wind for 5,3 and 4,7, sometimes not really waves, so I am still not too sure if the 71 will be best for these conditions. The problem is that there is no Starboard dealer which has Testboards in these sizes.

And - on the E76, if I change from single fin to some small twin fins, the board should be much looser.

Seems like I have to decide between the E76 which is best for the 5,3 or the E71 which is best for powered-up 4,7 and 4,0.
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