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Default New free race board - raplacement for S-Type


I have quite big dilemma with choosing my new board. I the past I ride S-Type 137 with sails between 8,5 and 6,7 (for example NS Crossride or Gastraa Plasma). I some conditions I also used 5,5 sail, which is rather small for S-Type of that size. But before you say anything about 5,5, sail, you should consider my weight it is 105 kg (195cm). The S-Type was for me very nice board quick and also I can use it in more chop conditions.
When I look new boards I saw, that Futura 133 (is it replacement for S-Type?) is more widerer (S-Type was 72 cm). Same thing is JP Supersport 136 (I also use JP board in the past). So what to do? I'm read a lot of topics in different forums. I got filling that new boards (let say free race board) go more to race board (iSonic) with design. In that case I have problem with ride in chop conditions.

With Futura (Supersport) I will probably plane early then with S-Type, but I will have problem with size (width). Alternative option is new Carve (or in case of JP X-Cite). What are characteristics of Carve comparing with Futura? Do I get with Carve option to ride in more chop conditions? I would like to stay with size of board around of 130 liters (sails, my weight), but not lose edge of S-Type board.

In which board group should I look: freeride (Carve, X-Cite) of more free slalom (Futura, Supersport)?
Did anybody ride both board Futura and Supersport?

Thank you for answers!
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