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Default Old Carve 111 v F2 Ride

Dear all.
I've currently got a Futura 144 and an F2 Ride 282 (115 litre from 1999). I've also got an old Mistral Screamer 263 (again from around the same time) for when it's really howling. However, I'm now getting a bit older and have a back problem. I want to keep sailing but think I need to make things easier by getting rid of the F2 and Mistral and replacing them with a single, easier to sail board. Not being particularly flush with spare money, I've found a Carve 111 from 1994 and was wondering what they're like? My priority is to have something a bit more stable than the F2 and gets going a bit quicker (it's 282 long, 60 wide) but also has a decent turn of speed without being too bouncy in the chop / strong winds. I rarely sail the Mistral these days and it has such little volume that although excellent in high wind, I'm just not that confident on it these days. What do you all think? Would the Carve do the trick? I know it's not as wide as the later Carves / Futuras - will this be an issue? Cheers.
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