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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Severne SSR Cam Rotation

Hi Geoff,

Maybe it's that dodgy dealer who sold them's fault (!!??? )
(only joking Cam, honest !!)

I'm not sure what mast you ended up with for these sails ?
SSR can definitely be a bit fussy about mast/cam interface tolerances.

Most likely some minor cam filing (small amount off the batten end of the back face of the cam. No that's the cam, not "the Cam") to set them up just "right" but in my experience it is also worth a few sessions to let the sail bed in a bit more before going too hard with the file.. Yes, I agree that's a pain but it works (best).

Final thought is maybe take a file to The Cam as well, that might work even better

Let us know how you go, we can help you out if need be.
(That's help on fixing the rotation, not working Captain Cremaster over)

Cheers ~ Ian
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