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I am doing slalom races in light winds and the 107 is not the boards for that. You need something wider that carries a bigger sail easier in light winds. That's why I am doubting between a 127 and 117Wide. Since the 107 is pretty versatile and the 8.6 seems to be the best match for 127 I think I will have less overlap with these. However the 117Wide is new so I am not sure what it will do.

I am curently sailing a iSonic 133 and find it easy to sail even in stronger winds. It runs pretty high on the water but it does not 'fly' out of control easily. I have no control problems with it....

@ThierryP If you are using the formula with 10.0 and 8.6 only you are not getting the max out of it. Formula boards are made for upwind and downwind and to do that properly they need 11.0 or 12.0. 10.0 is used in 25kts and higher.... I think you would be better of with a big slalom board that carries a 10.0....
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