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Thumbs up longaboarding redux

I live In canada ( Northern Ontario) as well and sail on inland lakes.
Last summer I bought an old f-2 lightning and have rediscovered what I gave up many years ago after selling my old Mistral Comp SST longboard: subplaning performance and what many term "the glide"

There nothing like kicking down the centerboard railing the board up and shooting around the lake. Especially when the wind line is around a point or at the other side of the lake. Getting there on a longboard is just soo easy.
Off the wind with bigger sails you may not plane but the board starts to glide with minimal effort and water displacement. The glide is amazing .
Add a litle windwave and you can feel the board accelerate even in the smallest of wavelets.
And while there may be a tradeoff with stability with a narrow boad , adding a bit of center/daggerboard and a bit of speed does wonders anmd adds spped in itself.

Like when you ride a bike..going very slow its very unstable but even a snails pace get things stable.

Now i am probably telling you things you already know so forgive me but there some good info here on what to buy but dont go too wide.
narrow is key to "the glide"
In fact i am so impressed with this aspect of light wind sailing that I am toying with the idea of
promoting a group project ( actually an anti "groupthink") or a type of a consensus of finding a shape and then glassing a few boards this winter to find more of " the glide"
A longboard redux if you will.
A mental focus to keep the conhesiveness of the group or club this winter.
Now dont get me wrong but I know it is probably cheaper to buy many products as this idea has been thought out ( or has it )
but i want to try my/our hand ( literally shaping sculpting ) on something that the group will take part in
enter: The Thunderboard.

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