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Yes. Almost a bit too much wind, I'd say. Next time, can we have it distributed over a few more days instead, please...

But I didn't sail the Q74, I was on the Q69 + a smaller proto board I'm that will hopefully lead up to something exciting. The 69 is sick on the wave, but not the smoothest in a straightline, despite being quite narrow. A friend sailed my Q82 though and was quite happy with it despite super powered up 4.0 (for him at 85 kilos or so). Maybe the 74 will work better than the width indicates. When I sailed the 74 in powered up 5.0 is didn't feel wide at all. But I have to try it in some more wind to really tell. Next time...

I don't know the plans for the future, but logically an even smaller board in the program (for some of the really light team riders) would maybe make it smarter to let the 69 become a tad bigger. But then again it's sort of a tradition with Starboard to not let the ruler decide the shape but rather let each size sort of develop in its own right, regardless if it ends up not fitting some particular pattern as far as widths etc go.
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