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Thank you Rémy for your answer.

Regarding my sails, I have, NP Evo2 6.2, NP Evo1 6.7 and soon a NP either evo2 ltd or evo3 7.8.
I already own the 2009 iSonic 86 and 2010 iSonic 111 wood carbon.

Under 22/25 knots the iSonic 86 is too small for slalom racing.
I tend to use the iSonic 111 from 12 to 20 knots but I have the feeling there's a missing piece between the 2.

So I was thinking about the new 2011 iSonic 97 for the 18/20 knots.

What do you think about this choice ?
Which finish would you recommend : all wood or wood carbon ?

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