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Default RE: Life Jackets Required?

Hi Andrew,

I'm very disappointed that you received such a abusive fine for such a minor issue. The authorities must not realize that the board you use is an incredible floatation device both in concept and in practice. It must be difficult to be confronted with uneducated and intolerant folks that lack a practical knowledge about windsurfing.

Fortunately, authorities in my sailing locale are not focused on such ridiculous rules. Nonetheless, it appears that you are faced with unreasonable law enforcement personalities, and must take certain strategies to protect yourself. In your situation, I would hope that they have given you appropriate direction with respect to those products that they recognize as sufficient and viable. If not, they have been remiss in their responsibilities.

Personally, I hate when law enforcement folks are so misdirected and difficult. It brings out that old 60s mentality in me where the thought was to "question authority". I know that doesn't help, but one has to wonder what priorities are truly meaningful and important.

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