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Hi Roger,

so, roughly summarizing:

fin head width (mm) = 15.80 +/- 0.05

fin slot width (mm) = 15.875 -0.000 / + ?

The problem is that all Deboichet Custom (I have 2008 SL4's made by UFO) have fin head width of 16.05 / 16.10.
Old Starboard tuttle boxes were much wider than that and I even used mylar spacers up to 3x 0.3mm (!) in order to have good fit. That was also happening for other board brands. Now I have changed for a new isonic and the deb's simply do not enter the fin slot, which is around 15.8 mm.

My big question mark is whether to work the fins or the board.
Considering that I'll keep the fins for many years and will buy more deb's soon, and that I'll change the board every one or two years, I would prefer to enlarge the board fin slots to 16.15 mm.

But, if fin slots (Starboard and others) from now on will always be 15.8/15.9 mm wide (as Tuttle drawing), maybe I should consider to work all my fins, once for good? (with no possibility of return...)

What is your suggestion?

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