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Hi Windshark,
Can you be more specific as to what exactly you wish to know/understand?
Taty Franz has responded to me that he does not understand the question and I'm not sure
I know what you are asking either.
1/ Do you want to know what freestyle moves end with you sailing "back-winded" ( I will take a quess that you mean sailing clew first out of a move or transition), or do you want to know what moves begin/end with you pushing on the sail to keep the board moving. You would of course be on the down wind side of the rig.
2/ Do you want to know what free style moves begin or end with you sailing clew first.
3/ Are you thinking about moves where you end up on the downwind side of the rig, perhaps facing down wind with the rig behind your back?
Please be very specific so Taty and I can answer your question.
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