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Yeah, I think you experienced that the most important thing is the balance. If the nose goes up, you probably went to far. It's tricky though, because with a higher boom and/or mast further forward you could maybe trim it back again. But my own take is more going with a trim one likes in normal conditions too. Then, in crazy stuff, you are at least used to how the board reacts.

It's also very personal how one achieves good control. Some like a calm board which takes some energy out of the hits. Some like a really small board that you can easier keep from getting blown around. Other like something more solid that you can load up with your back foot and rely on that it will not let go. The Acid is already a rather "directional board" so maybe a more "blasting" attitude is what will bring you the furthest into high wind territory. I think often we tend to hold back too much in high winds which makes things very difficult.
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