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Default RE: Severne SSR Cam Rotation

Hey Roger ???n Ian,
Thanks for the feed back.
Both sails are 2006 models.
For the SSR 5.6, I use a KA 55% x 400 mast.
For the SSR 6.6 I am experimenting. I have used it with both an Arrows 70% x 430 and NP 50% x 460 mast.
I know the 460 is the recommended, but subjectively feel the 430 performs better. Seems to deliver and retain the power a little smoother (if that makes sense). Cam rotation characteristics on both the 430 and 460 masts are about the same.
Finally the last piece of the puzzle is a NP 48 cm carbon mast extension.

I don???t think the problem relates to down haul tension, Roger. Ian took a look at my set up recently and gave the overall look of the sail the thumbs up. Besides I use a downhaul crank which I recon is the best bit of kit in my bag. It allows me to effortlessly apply as much tension as I want rather than as much tension as I can, to the sail.

That points me to how smooth the cam surface might be - especially as I have detected wear and abrasion marks appearing on the masts where the cams sit.

Ian, I like your idea of ???do nothing for now??? and let the sails settle in, but will check the cam contact area (saddle) for smoothness and give them a polish, before I start on any major surgery.

Ian you might be right on there, The Cam could possibly do with some rough edges removed too. Hey, I wonder if we can get the ???Captain Cremaster??? to stick.

Thanks Guys,
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