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in 2010 I got just 131 and 111 (right,I use it in the way you write) but in the 2011 I'd like to add the small one.In my opinion,for the usual condition I sail 131 and 111 are out discussion:too good,too versatile.
Sometime I've thought at a 80 cm.Think I could push longer but then I prefer the fantastic 111.You know what I mean.When I'm at the edge with the 131 and the 8,6 I'mm ready for the 111 and the 7,8.Still,since 2007 every year I've bought the 111 and I've really pushed it so much with the 7,0 that many times I've asked why I desire a small board!
I have a smaller slalom (37cm ofo).It's pretty fast and controllable but using it in gusty wind and I'd prefer a wider tail board which allows me to not kill my arms because the numerous push and pull of the sail.Plus I guess that a board like the 90 or 97 has a higher average speed in a race course allowing easier gybes and more confidence.
Now problem is:how much smaller??
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