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Originally Posted by dan e View Post
I have the Kode 74. I'm 150 lbs, 5'11 Its my high wind board. I've used it in 40+ wind and crazy chop here in coyote point, san francisco bay area. Its very smooth.

3.5, 4.0m sail/ 21 cm fin.
Mast track/ fin box = center
front strap = center hole
back strap = front hole
boom height = 55-56 inches
harness line length = 28-30 inches
Hi Dan. It might be partly skill, as Ola suggests, and partly that the Kode is actually more compact than the Acid 74. It is 5 cm shorter, and a bit less wide with a slighlty narrower tail, it might be all it takes to make it less cumbersome in high wind. For me the Acid becomes an handful in the very vertical chop that develops at Candlestick and Crissy in overpowered 3.7.

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