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Hi Guy's
Thanks for the advice. My other board is a SB Hybrid Race and I traded an F-Type 158 when I bought the Futura. I recently moved to Spain and where I now sail there is often little wind until you get out 1/2 a mile. Once I am out I am OK providing it's not too choppy. If the wind dies and there is chop I struggle. There are often few other sailors and only rescue cover in July/August. I've been sailing for many years, but mainly on long boards or boards such as the F-Type with big sails.My water starting is OK if there is wind but uphauling can often be needed. I bought the Futura to try and master gybing.
A local shop has anExcite Ride 160 (2008) which they will do a deal on but I think the Futura will ultimately be the better board. Should my balance improve with practice?
Confused Andy
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