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Default Question for Remi: isonic 117 or 117wide?

Hi Remi,

in other thread, you wrote...

"iSonic 117 Wide : 8.5 : Ultimate board for light winds for light racers, I consider the 117 as a medium board for very heavy racers."

What does it mean? How does lightwind board for light racers differ from medium board for very heavy racers?
Which one is better and easier to control in chop?
Which one gybes easier?

My weight is 80-85kg, and I need a big board for 7.6 and 8.4 sails. It should be better for 7.6, but 8.4 should also work good on this board.
Windlimit in races where I participate is 11 knots.

Which one should I choose?

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