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Default Progressing from 2007 Rio L

I have purchased this board mid summer, have been taking it out regularly and will continue as long as the weather cooperates. Although I am new to the sport, I have noticed one characteristic of this board that troubles me somewhat which is that the bow tends to dip into the water very easily which when it gets choppy becomes a big problem. Can we say "Windsurfing Submarine"? Part of the problem must be my weight 270lb however my instructor who is a lot lighter noticed it as well. I am still using a relatively small sail (as I was told) 5m2 Gaastra Pilot and I am wondering if moving to a bigger sail eg. 7 or 7.5m would make this problem lesser or worse? What else, should I consider? I try to stay as far back as I can but moving forward to tack is a problem.

When I researched the changes in Rio and Start line 2006-Present, I noticed that 2007 Rio L has an interesting place in the line up. In 2007 Rio L and Start have almost identical shape and the very next year Rio line becomes more slender while Start stays wide although narrower than 100cm. Am I correct in assuming that my 2007 Rio L is essentially a 2007 Start with a different look? Is the change that took place after 2007 a result of the board's tendency that I have been experiencing? Has any other owners of this board complained about it?

I am somewhat disappointed although I like all other aspects of your boards and I am already thinking of upgrading. What would be a next logical step for me should I want to start the next season with a board that suits me better. I am thinking of 2009 Rio M and a larger rig (7m2) and keeping the old rig for heavier winds. I am hoping that a slightly narrower board will help me deal with chop better. Am I correct?

Sorry for all these questions but I want to learn and grow as a windsurfer and I know that real experts are reading this. I really appreciate your help
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