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Based on the desire to have freerace type of board and going from a S-Type the Futura in the SB range is about right. I went from S-Types (93 and 115) to Futura (93 and 111) in 2009 model range. You will find the Futura does handle the chop well and the new 2011 may be even better. My Futura 93 I've nicked named Moses as it parts the chop and makes everything feel like flatish water.

Also I've found compared to the S-Type you can have a smaller board compared to sail sizing. My 111 I run a 7.7m and I'm 80kgs. I had 2008 Futura 122 for a little while and I ran 8.5m sails on it. My 93 is a 6.5m or 6.2m board, but I've ran a 7.0m on it to.

Go to local store and see if they have one on demo. They may not have exact size you want on demo, but maybe one close to it.
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