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Hey Remi,

you said the 117 wide is a board for light winds, but it does more then only light wind!
Today we had rather strong thermal wind and lazy as I am, the 97 is still not setp with straps... So I took the 117 wide with a 7.5 and the R16 in 44cm. WHAT A COMBO!
Very secure feeling and no a bit of control problems. To be honest, I was pretty sceptical about the middle wind performance considering the 80cm. However, the tail is fairly slim and goes max speed even in choppy waters.
A friend was on the 121 also with 7.5 and we were at pair for the downwind speed but I could run better high with more speed. Later I changed to a 42cm Hurricane SS fin and the downwind speed was much better and the board felt pretty damn compact.
So what is the downturn of the 117 wide? Well for me: I do need a bigger car as the I can't put 2 board next to the 117 wide. But that is all.
Next time I hope to get some time with the 8.5 sail to check out the light wind performance.

So far I'm just happy with the 117 wide. Nice work Starboard team!

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