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Hi ilan_s;
Hmmmm.... this might work for an experienced sailor, who is ready for the "immediate take up" when the wind gets around on the new frontside of the sail.
But, if you oversheet, in the midlle of any jibe with much speed, the board will simply "straighten out"
and sail off downwind, and until you get the rig back out on one side or the other, you cannot steer.
Actually, to drive a board quickly around a jibe the best sail handling "things you can do" are to rake the
rig well upwind so the rig has lots of "turning power" when it's well sheeted out, and also to balance the rig over the mast foot so it will spin/pivot more quickly (with less effort on the sailors part) when you let go with the back hand.
You can sail out "clew first" (by not letting go with the back hand) but this is a more advanced move, more suitable for small sinker wave boards that will stop almost instantly if you remove all power by flipping the sail.
Until you can explain to me how this works, I would not recommend "over sheeting" during a jibe, unless you have "speed to burn".
Yes, to initiate a fully carving jibe at very high speed, oversheeting a bit right at first, can pull the sailor over onto the lee rail, and really help the initation of the jibe, but unless you are going super fast, and can afford the loss of power and speed, oversheeting is very counter productive as it will kill your speed and the power in the sail when you need it most to drive your board through the jibe.
Hope this helps,
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