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Default Beginner board choices --

Hi, I'm looking to get my first board and have opportunity to go w/ either Bic Nova or Starboard Rio. Both are used boards from demo/rental fleets, so they are a bit banged up, but oh well. The price is right

I'm a 5'-7", 155lb male, reasonably athletic/coordinated. I have been out on a Bic Nova 210 and also on a Bic Techno 160. My balance/comfort was fine on the Techno 160, but I think I need to start off w/ a daggerboard option. Thus, my choice b/w the Nova and the Rio.

Both the Nova and Rio are avail in med and larger size (Nova 160 or 210; Rio M or L). As far as wind conditions, on weekends I can get to the beach, but also might stay local and just get out on a lake. As such, I would be trying to get out even in light-wind conditions. Strong winds (ocean) would be fun once I get better.

How do the Nova and Rio compare to each other? Any pros/cons, given my weight and sailing range? Should I go w/ smaller (160 or M) or larger (210 or L)? I would prefer a sportier board compared to a floating ice cooler

Thanks for any input. I am hoping to make my decision soon!
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