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Hi Stewart,
I am not associated with a shop or anything in Cape Hatteras.
I do the Frisco Woods Windfest beginner lessons each year in mid to late April.
My other teaching is around the country.
Didn't do too much this year.... Frisco Woods (3 days).... Worthington (MN) Unvarnished Music Festival and
Windsurfing Regatta (3 days)... Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater (VA) (WET club) (1 day) events on the Currituck Sound, and a very successful Boy Scouts of America Windsurfing Patch event also on the Currituck
Sound (1 day).
If you are coming to Hatteras, send me an email. I have some 2010 boards you can try, 2010 Sailworks sails, Lessacher Weed Fins, Tangent Dynamics Reaper Weed Fins all that you can demo or try.
If you send me an email:
we can hook up when you get to Hatteras.
I can work with your beginners, or help more advanced sailors to progress.
I'm in Hatteras pretty much every weekend, and often during the week.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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