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Default Acid 68 - Freeride?


My wife, Claire, is looking for a high wind freeride board for 3.5m-5m sails and choppy water but no waves.

Claire weighs 130lbs/58kg and about 5'6'', her current 74L board, (Naish), is too big in high wind & big chop.

We are thinking of 65L JP-Radical (sailed and liked in Brazil), or RRD-Hardcore, we have seen reviews of 75ishL versions in the UK.

(I sailed the Acid 80 in Greece and liked it).

Are the new acids high grip, (lateral resistance compared eg to EVO)?

Do they track well up and down wind through chop?

Does the 68 need a lot of power to plane, point etc. Claire prefers to sail light to medium powered, not fully/over powered.

Any advice greatly appreciated .
Mark & Claire.
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