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Hi Ola, i have a doubt, i had a Evo 90, with 5.0 & 4.2 sails, my weight is 70kg and i usually sails in medium powerfull waves, now i want to buy a new one and i wanted to buy the quad 87 and 5.3 and 4.5 sails, but i have read that you say better a 77 or 82 l board, usually we sail with 10-13 knots wind & with smaller boards is very difficult to cross the shore break.
I must really take the 82 or with the 87 i will go ok?
I was thinking to take another 74 or 77l board for high winds because now i have an evo 70 and i have use it 5 times in three years, i always use the 90l board and i'm happy with it.
Can you give some advice?
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